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9405e7_19bad2e269e8477db0fe450bb8017eac.jpg_srz_p_302_228_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThe inspiration for The Adventures of Tommy the Turbine came after Pauline Davison, a teacher with over 25 years experience, took her class to visit the wind turbine on her husband’s family farm, which is situated in the hills above Glenarm, in the beautiful countryside of Carnalbanagh. The children had been involved in a renewable energy project as part of the World Around Us curriculum, and were researching different ways of producing energy from renewable sources.
As the children ate their picnics in the grass at the base of the turbine, Pauline was telling them stories associated with the “White Man,” an iconic landmark in the area, which is painted on a rock on the hill behind the turbine. The children loved hearing some of the legends of the local area, and were soon adding their own stories which included the little turbine, which became known as Tommy during the course of the afternoon.